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Senior Spectrum has been helping its readers navigate the information network since 1993 when Chris and Connie McMullen purchased the paper from the Sacramento Bee.

Senior Spectrum is a family owned and operated business serving our community for 25-years. We are committed to serving the aging community, caregivers, baby boomers and veterans that have given so much to pave the way for future generations. It is for this reason we continue to publish Golden Pages to make your life just a little bit simpler.

Golden Pages has been an annual piece produced every year since 1987. It gives people an idea of where to find resources in Northern Nevada. Each category is alphabetized in relation to need, every resource is carefully updated and verified for accuracy. In the many years of producing Senior Spectrum, its Editor has gathered a knowledge of credible, reliable resources found locally in our community that help facilitate healthy living.

There are four categories provided in Golden Pages: Taking Charge, Your Care, Housing, and Independence. All four chapters have a index page listing its contents, but there is also an expanded index on the home page for specific listings by topic. In addition, Golden Pages provides the reader with a list of acronyms associated with aging and disabilities, a map listing the routes of the RTC bus and paratransit system, and a map of many senior living communities in our area.

Golden Pages 2018 is produced locally and distributed in selected locations. It is widely handed out at the annual Senior Fest, held the day after Labor Day at the Reno Town Mall. It is a free publication made available to our readers to help navigate information needed for independence and meaningful life.

.Golden Pages is not a how-to guide but an overview letting the reader know what is available in the community, whether that be senior services, recreation, retirement living, elder law, Medicare counseling, or a host of numerous other categories. Golden Pages is a place to get one started without guessing if they are on the correct track.

Please take the time to digest Golden Pages and when you are done, make time to enjoy the fun things in life. We’ve done the work so you won’t have too.

Chapter 1 - Taking Charge
Chapter 2 - Your Care
Chapter 3 - Housing
Chapter 4 - Independence

Additional Resources

State Agencies

Older American Act - Acronyms



Active/Independent Housing
Adult Day Care
Adult Group Care for Alzheimer’s Disease/Residents with Dementia
Adult Group Care or Assisted Living:
    Large Communities
    Small Communities
Advocacy Organizations
Affordable Housing


Caregiver Services
Case Management
Civil Rights
Consumer Assistance
Continuing Education
Crisis Intervention
Crisis Prevention


Disability Services
Domestic Violence
Drug/Alcohol Detox
Durable Medical Equipment


Elder Abuse
Elder Law


Family Resource Centers
Financial Assistance
Food Pantry Locations




Health Clinics
Health & Wellness
Home Care -PCA Non-Medical
Home Health Agency (Skilled Home Care)
Homes for Individual Care (HIC)
Home Modification
Home/Mortgage Lending
Hospitals, Rural


Information Assistance
Infusion & Chemotherapy
Intermediary Service Organization


Level of Care
Long-Term Care Bill of Rights


Map: Senior Living Communities
Map: Transportation - RTC Routes
Mediation - Elder Care
Medicare Health Plans
Medicare Counseling
Mental Health


Nutrition Assistance


Outpatient Physical Therapy


Prescription Assistance
Psychiatric Services
Public Administrators
Public Guardians


Recreation & Leisure Services
Rehabilitation Facilities
Renal Disease/Dialysis
Respite Care


Senior Centers
Senior Companions
Skilled Nursing
Social Security
State Agencies
Support Groups




Veterans Benefits
Veterans Organizations
Volunteer Services

We have also provided you the complete printed version of the 2018 Golden Pages in PDF format.